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Thursday Check Up!

January 21, 2010 2 comments

Alright guys, well it’s been a hectic week… I honestly don’t know where to begin. Let’s see…

– I’ve done some extreme soul searching to figure out exactly where God wants me, and I’m beginning to really dig into some ideas and items I never thought would happen so we’ll see! It could make for some VERY interesting blog posts down the road.

– I’ve been working tirelessly with a team of amazing web/design/photo gurus to put together a new blog, which I’ll be launching in the VERY near future… Don’t worry… It’s worth the wait. 😉

– Getting the final information together for Media Procast, you’ll see something about that in the next day or 2 so be ready!

– Been bouncing yet some other web development ideas around with some people, creating engaging content online is something that I’m becoming increasingly interested in and would almost say passionate about.

– Feel like I’m getting closer to the end of the tunnel than I have been in years. Looking forward to stepping out into the light of day again… I actually feel like I’m beginning the pursuit of things that I never even dreamed would work but well.. might actually…work!

– Getting ready to hopefully spend some time this weekend with one of the church plants that I’ve had the opportunity to see blossom and begin affecting their community. Love the team that’s down there getting it done in downtown Richmond.

– Next passion… Church Plants, enabling, equipping, networking, and helping them to reach their communities in new, unique, and engaging ways. How to develop it though… Thinking on this one a bit…

– Alaska, Chicago, Florida… That’s all I’m saying at the moment… Put a little prayer in it for me. 😉

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Thursday Check Up

January 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Just trying to get myself into a place where I do a mid week checkup on what’s going down with you guys, so here we go! 🙂

– Almost finished with the Media Procast website. Been working on it constantly since last week and learned more about web design this week than in my life… I kinda like it!

– Put in TONS of applications around town last week and the beginning of this week but with no call backs yet, God is sovereign and He’s got a bigger plan then I can see right now.

– Got to meet up with someone that gave me contacts in an industry that could launch Media Procast WAY out of the atmosphere. All I can say now is FULL VIDEO, we’ll be working through it over the next couple of weeks. 🙂

– Toying with pulling my blog over to our servers on MP but haven’t decided yet… might give me some growth ability I don’t have now… we’ll see.

– Since last monday I’ve talked to leaders in churches and church plants in FL, OH, CA, MI, NY, and the infamous Los who’s getting ready for Chitown. Love hearing what God’s doing!

– Never spent so much time seeking God’s will in 1 week. He’s blowing my mind with it!

– Praying for Haiti and all the people that have been affected. So much to say but I’ll leave it at this… This is our chance as Christians to reach out to the people of Haiti like never before, PLEASE don’t let Christian bickering get in between God and those who need Him right now!

Anyway, that’s it for the moment, I’m sure I’ve missed some things that I wanted to put up but we’ll get to those soon! Just remember… Love God and Love People!