Clark Withers
This is me…
I am a thinker, a worshiper, and a creative rationalist. I have spent the past 12 years running both church and live concert production. From working at Ferry Farm Baptist Church running sound during high school, to working with teams at Liberty University, Brentwood Church and now Lifepoint Church I’ve always loved helping ministry reach new heights in their production environments. On the live concert production end of the world I’ve worked with bands from across the country in venues from 125 person coffee houses to 12,000+ amphitheaters. My joy however comes in working with teams to help build both the talent and the confidence of people growing in their sweet spot in production. I love meeting people, love discovering people’s talents, and love to connect the dots in life, whether it’s how to solve an “impossible” challenge, or helping someone find their passion in life. I love reading and, as much as possible, writing. My passion is to do what Jesus told us to do… to Love God and to Love People. Hit me up through twitter @clarkwithers or send me an email at clarkwithers@gmail.com I’d love to hear from, and be able to connect with you!

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