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Carlos Whittaker is in the house!!!!

So today I just wanted to send out a special invite for one of the most passionate men I know. Carlos hails from the west coast where he spent 10 years as the Worship and Creative Arts Pastor. More recently he has spent the past 3 years at Buckhead Church, working with Andy Stanley in the Atlanta area. But his story goes far beyond his “jobs” in church… Carlos is someone that understands innately what it means to bring people to worship, whether through times when he’s leading worship at a church, through his coaching network, helping other creatives reach new levels in success in crafting environments for worship, Or through his writings on ragamuffinsoul.com. I chose today to give him a shout out however, because today is a special day to him. Today marks the release of his EP on itunes! I wanted to give you all a chance to grab a copy of it, and make it yours! I’ve already listened through it and I’ll tell you it’s worth WAY more than the money… So HERE’s the iTunes link, check it out and pick it up! Let me know what you think!!! Los is a great man, who I’m sure would always love to make a new friend or 2. He’s got a video introducing the EP on his blog HERE, but this video found a special place in my heart the first time I saw it and I had to put it in here.. Enjoy!

  1. Los
    January 26, 2010 at 9:08 am

    Dude. Means the world. Thanks so much!!!

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