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When we have no where to go but forward…

I wouldn’t say that I’ve hit bottom, or even thought about hitting bottom. It’s been an interesting, growing, couple of weeks, but my resolve today is even greater than it was a few short weeks ago, and possibly has ever been before. I’ve been arguably busier over the past 3 weeks than I have been for months, and between the short struggles, I’ve seen more of the worlds color than I ever thought I’d get the opportunity to see. I love seeing what God’s doing in my life, and it’s been a much needed time for me to take a look at my current place in life and figure out exactly what He’s calling me to next. Between developing the ideas, materials, and systems for Media Procast, getting ready for a total blog makeover, contacting churches around the country, and reaching my own personal breaking point and driving through it in my personal studies, I’ve seen more of myself than I ever thought possible. There have been times that I feel like I’m in one of those crazy mirror houses you see at the fair, and can see every flaw I have, as well as some that I would have before distinguished as flaws that I now consider strengths. Then there are other times, where I feel like I’m standing on the top of a mountain, surrounded by clouds, where I can see nothing of myself or the world around me, and I’m almost in a haze from it. I’m excited about the possibilities I have in front of me, and I am at the point where I truly believe that HE is in control and not me. It’s been scary, but at the same time, it’s refreshing to know that He’s got a plan for all of this, and that I get to spend this time in crazy compassionate driven worship towards him, and learning more about his plan every single day. As I always seem to challenge you I want to challenge you today, to let down your guard, and trust Him to what His best and His plan for your life would be. I’d be willing to bet it’s even better than you could imagine!

  1. Ryan
    January 22, 2010 at 4:22 pm

    Clark, this rings so true. At no time in your life but now should you be on one huge high, and one huge low all at the same time. I am going through this as well, and feel frustration, hope, I smile more, and realize that there is someone else finally in my heart being the train conductor, and I am using God’s GPS to find the new way. I have seen all my flaws as you have mentioned, and I am ready to say…ok, lets work on this. In fact I am doing it, and you are making it too. By staying busy, by trying new things, by working ahead, instead of getting behind, you are on the right track to becoming new and improved, not that there was anything wrong before, but you are going to realize what directions God has out there for you, day by day….moment by moment.

    It is refreshing, scary and even a little fun, if you think about it. God’s GPS has never let me down before, but it took me a while to really listen to the directions he was giving me. I am still a tad lost, but each minute of each day the directions are becoming clear, and more distinct.

    Have a great weekend, I am going to see my kids and wife. I have looked forward to this since Dec 26.


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